The Top 5 Things to Do if Your Spouse Has Filed for Divorce in San Diego

The Top 5 Things To Do, If Your Spouse Has Filed For Divorce.

By Brent J. Pfeiffer, Esq.

1. Talk to a California Divorce Attorney:   A California Divorce is complicated legal matter. It is in your best interest that you talk to a professional and experienced divorce lawyer.  Many divorce attorney's will offer a free initial consultation where they can help frame your issues.

2. Hire a California Divorce Attorney:   Sure you can represent yourself, but generally the adage an "individual who represents himself has a fool for a client", will apply. A California divorce judgment regarding the division of property, spousal support orders and the division of pensions will often affect you for years to come. Being short-sighted can often cost you in the long run.

3. Realize, it is going to be Ok. The end of a marriage can be one of the most stressful periods of your life. Feelings of shame, guilt and anger will often emerge and can muddle and complicate a divorce. Take a deep breath, accept the things you cannot change and realize that its going to be ok and your going to get through this.

4. Think before you act: Be honest with yourself regarding your needs. Often, when ending a marriage, both spouses want it done as quick as possible. One party will often give the other everything they want without considering the needs of the children or their own personal needs going forward. Sometimes San Diego Family law court orders cannot be changed and you can end up agreeing to something that five years down the road you will seriously regret.

5. Protect your Children:  Your child or children should be the most important thing in the world to you. This is the time to show it. Make sure the end of your marriage is as least disruptive as possible to your children. Make sure the children understand its nobody's fault. Do not discuss your case in detail with the children. Do not use the children as pawns. Do not argue with your divorcing spouse in front of your children.  Let your children know you love them and be there for them.


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